Will there be closure?

This amazing Climate Vision initiative is drawing to a close. "I should have done more" - I bet all four of us think that - but we, in fact everyone concerned, done good! (not least the 4,000+ Cornish citizens who took the pledge). The whole concept was so perfectly suited to the occasion - and after all, delivering the report to the Hub of this historic COP21 was the catalyst that propelled us here - carbon-free. So it was with GREAT pleasure that, at last, somehow, Radio Cornwall got through to me on my clockwork Nokia mobile and Laurence and I had a good long chat. I can imagine the whole of Cornwall would have come to a stand-still!. Tomorrow, some fabulously creative peaceful, determined direct action will take place in the centre of Paris. Despite the state of emergency and our respect for the reasons, this will be a very special representation from tens of thousands of people from all over the world, showing how much WE care for our fragile beautiful planet.